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Mexico in the World

Enrique Peña Nieto Discusses Image of Mexico with Mexican Diplomatic Corps

In a private meeting in Los Pinos, President Peña Nieto requested that the Mexican diplomatic corps take steps to strengthen Mexico’s presence in the world, expand international cooperation, promote the value of Mexico in the world and protect the interests of Mexico abroad.

“We are committed to a peaceful and inclusive Mexico,” Peña Nieto said. “We want to build a prosperous Mexico with quality education for all. From internal reforms, our goal is a Mexico as an actor with global responsibilities.”

Peña Nieto outlined goals for Mexico with different regions of the world. In North America, he seeks the elimination of the visa requirement for Mexicans in Canada; foster greater cooperation on security and attract greater investment flows in the automotive, aerospace, energy and telecommunications sectors. In Latin America, Mexico wants to promote greater regional integration of the region.

Peña Nieto’s goals in Europe are to promote the positive image of Mexico as a safe destination for investment, trade and tourism, strengthen strategic relationships, promote greater academic and business exchanges and encourage cooperation on global issues like human rights, the fight against poverty and hunger. In Asia, his priorities are to strengthen and deepen dialogue and political relationship; intensify tourism exchanges, trade and investment, as well as an expansion of programs of scientific and technological cooperation. In the case of the Middle East, the President Peña Nieto stressed the need to promote tourism and cultural exchanges as well as boost trade and mutual investment.

MexicoToday on Wed, 2013-05-15