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Passion & History | mastrettacars.eu

Passion & History

The Carrera Panamericana

After the Mexican section of the Pan-American Highway was completed in 1950, a nine-stage, six-day race across the country was organized by the Mexican government to celebrate its achievement and to attract international business. The 1950 race ran almost entirely along the new highway which crossed the country from north to south for a total distance of over 2,096 miles.

Carlos Mastretta Arista, the Italian born father of Carlos and Daniel, was an official of the Asociacion Nacional Automobilistica, who organised the event and a good friend of Piero Taruffi who won the race in 1951.

¬†Alberto Ascari finished only eight minutes behind winners Piero Taruffi and Luigi Chinetti to give Ferrari¬† a one-two finish. Often described as a “man in a hurry”, Ascari (F1 World champion 1952 and 1953) found time to share a quiet moment with Carlos.

The other photographs show Taruffi’s winning Ferrari 212 Inter which was exhibited at Carlos Mastretta’s FIAT dealership in Puebla, the two friends chatting during the 1954 event and Taruffi driving an American sedan!

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